The aim of the project is to develop a completely new industrial manufacturing system, for the volume production of miniaturized micro/nano components made with a wide range of materials (metallic alloys, composites and ceramics). The system will rely on the development of:

  • a new industrial Micro-FAST CNC Machine based on a high-throughput, flexible and cost-efficient process by simultaneous micro-forming and electric-fast-sintering (Micro-FAST);
  • nano-materials with high-performance;
  • an innovative multiscale modelling technique for the analysis of the micro-structural behaviors of materials and its interactions with the production processes;
  • an innovative powder-feeding, inline monitoring and quality inspection system;
  • new tooling techniques for high-performance micro-tools;

The whole project will take into account energy savings, cost and waste reduction and recycling issues that will be analyzed thoroughly through an expertise Life-Cycle Assessment.