Summary of Activity

WP1. Industrial Needs, Products

The industrial needs (demonstrators and materials) will be updated and well defined. A multi-scale modelling approach and life-cycle analysis will be developed to support the process and equipment development to achieve quality products.

WP2. New Material, Micro-Tooling and Processing Technology

Through different available techniques for powder materials production provided by partners (spray drying, chemical synthesis, and mechano-chemical synthesis) a set of materials (metallic, ceramic and composite powders) will be prepared for the manufacture of sample parts.

Innovative micro-tool-fabrication techniques (Laser, EDM, surface modification, coating, etc.) and tool design will be developed to enhance the lab processes and for the manufacture of the 1st set of demonstrators.

WP3. New Machine and Manufacturing Automation Technology

Advanced machine-technologies concerning sensors, monitoring, data-acquisition, processing and analysis, component geometry inspection, manufacturing, environment monitoring, energy-supervision etc. will be developed. Moreover detailed design of the machine system and components will be carried out to ensure that the output can be readily integrated into the full Micro-FAST machine system.

WP4. Materials, Tools and Process for Micro-FAST

Process development will be focused on the scaling up of the manufacturing process which will include process optimization for higher yield, repeatability and quality, and refining the process for high-throughput volume-production.

Micro/nanostrucutred powders with controlled chemical and components distribution and flow-ability, will be developed for the manufacture of a 2nd set of demonstrators. Furthermore an innovative micro-tooling process chain will be developed to address the needs of manufacturing small dies and creating specific surface functionalities on the tool-surfaces.

WP5. Micro-FAST Machine System

The machine system for Micro-FAST manufacturing will be constructed, which will involve the development of a series of sub-systems/devices to be installed onto a manufacturing platform.

WP6. Manufacturing Trials, Validation and Zero-Series Production

The integrated machine system, including an Integrated Manufacturing and Production Management System for Micro-FAST, will be subjected to manufacturing trials on the demonstration parts defined by industrial partners and potential end-users, followed by the zero-series production. These efforts are expected to lead to an optimized prototype production system which will be able to demonstrate the technological advantages and competiveness.

WP7. Demonstration

The effort will be focused on the refining of the individual technologies, devices/tools and systems developed to deliver demonstrate-able ones and demonstrate these to the end-users/targeted groups and generic public through demonstration workshops, and an industrial-scale prototype production show at an industrial manufacturer’s site will also be hosted.