Result: Nanostructured powders by mechanical alloying

Expected Impact/Targeted User Groups: High-quality powders for a series of additive and sintering process applications and increasing market share / Powder use industry in general

MBN has studied and produced different powder materials (Ti-based and steel alloys) by mechanical alloying for Micro-FAST process with the main purpose of developing suitable processing procedures that enable to deliver material in the particle size range required by the process, with suitable nanostructure to facilitate the sintering and control of composition and purity of the material.  Post treatment methodologies have been developed to achieve the particle size distribution required for the Micro-FAST process and allow the complete handling of powder production under not oxidizing atmosphere: all powders have the requested flowability and can reach full density after the sintering process. Process yield has been also improved with good results for the Ti based and steel alloys.