Result: Laser die-cleaning technique and the system for powder-related manufacturing applications

Expected Impact/Targeted User Groups: In-situ/In-process die-cleaning method adds production efficiency and promotes high process integration / Forming and sintering industry in general. Optical inspection method provide crucial information for zero tolerance production

Fraunhofer ILT partner has developed a laser-cleaning technique to be integrated in the die of  Micro-FAST machine. The powder of the work piece can partially fuse with the material of the punch due to the high pressure and high temperatures during the sintering process: high viscosity of the liquid metal can lead to a significant build-up of residual layer on the punch and die in small cavities and, consequently, the inspection and cleaning of the punch is necessary to assure a high quality of the produced part.
The cleaning stations will consist of following modules:
- Optical inspection and automated detection of contaminations
- Removal of dust and powder with compressed air
- Flexible steering optics for the laser processing of 3D parts
- Variable focus shifter for different beam diameters and thus different cleaning parameters