Typical output of the process is constituted by agglomerated powders in the micron-size range (i.e. 5-100μm) constituted by aggregates of nanocrystals and nanoparticles (i.e. <100nm). The powder materials produced find application in a number of manufacturing chains as, conventional and fast sintering, laser sintering and coating deposition.Beside the industrial production of ferrous and non ferrous alloys for diamond grinding tools and thermal spraying powders (Ti based and WC-Co based), since last 5 years MBN has been working on nanostructured materials for high resolution additive manufacturing (direct micro laser sintering) and high temperature alloys for wear resistance application.MBN has a wide experience in participating and managing EU, national and regional research projects. MBN has contributed greatly to these projects, including steering the industrial exploitation and project management. 

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