DIAD Group is a leading company in optimising customised process and design and testing of advanced materials and components for aerospace and automotive sectors. The most advanced materials and processes (like composites based components, light alloys based materials, functionalized surfaces) are continuously customized on demands. The methods applied are always looking at the security, the environmental aspects and the life cycle engineering approach.

DIGRO targeted markets are both large tier1 suppliers, high tech small and medium companies, but also teams. The industrial activities of DIAD Group comprise:


  • Design, development and prototype production of advanced components for automotive and aerospace application.
  • Advanced manufacturing optimisation of innovative and difficult to process materials for aeronautic structural components and engine applications.
  • Production of automotive custom transmission parts, light structural parts and aerodinamic parts.
  • Design and manufacturing of innovative components in special materials.
  • Testing of components in conventional and extreme conditions: nordic climates, desertic  and high temperature dry and salty climates. High end lab test cars.


  • Manufacturing: production setup and integrated optimisation of machining process (tool, MT, fixturing, coolant).
  • Autoadaptive manufacturing methods for industrial exploitation.
  • Development of methodologies for environmental sustainable approach integration into new production systems.
  • Surface and Material Engineering: development and application of new materials, nanostructured coatings and surface treatment for manufacturing, aeronautic, automotive and motor-sport sectors.
  • Advanced CAE and FEM design skills.


  • Recycling of industrial chemical waste and production of high – added value subproducts.


  • Environmental monitoring: Life Cicle Analysis (ISO 14040), Life Cycle Cost, Eco – Design, Materials recycling.

DIGRO is member of the board of the AMRC with Rolls Royce and Boeing, one of the most advanced facility for manufacturing technologies in the word. Moreover DIGRO is leading the Torino E-District, a 10.000 employees workforce industrial consortium, for the development of the future mobility full electric vehicle.

Website: www.diadgroup.com