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Cedrat Technologies SA (C-TEC) is a high tech SME involving 30 peoples based in the French Innovation Valley, close to Grenoble, specializing in the 4 following domains:

  • Smart Actuators: Actuators & motors based on piezoelectric ceramics, electroactive polymers, ultrasonic effects, magnetostrictive alloys, magneto rheological fluids (MRF) & magnetic effects (moving coils, moving iron …) ; Applications : micro nano positioning, damping, vibration generation, acoustic transducers, micro actuators …
  • Smart Sensors: Magnetic, magneto resistive, magnetostrictive, piezoelectric sensors, transformers or generators; Force, Torque, Position, Speed, Acceleration sensors, including contactless sensors & resonant sensors.
  • Mechatronic systems: Multi-degree-of-freedom mechanisms; micro robotics motion control; Active damping of Vibrations ; Vibration (Ultrasonic or sonic) assistance to process ; Proportional valves ; Fast injectors ;
  • Detection systems: Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); NDT using magnetic or acoustic effects; Magnetic or acoustic localisation.

In all domains mentioned above, C-TEC designs, manufactures and tests components, systems and associated electronics, following customer requirements and keeping the objective to achieve both technical and marketing success. C-TEC has developed its expertise from space activities and is now spreading it in aircraft, instrumentation, optics, machine tools, medical.

Website: www.cedrat-technologies.com