The company is manufacturer of components for laser sintering stations based on MicroLS® technology for which has available a specific commercial and industrial know how. Specialized on powder feeding, guidance and focusing in a wide industrial application field MicroLS has customized different powder feeding nozzles for automotive and aero applications.

 Products being developed covers the micro- as well as the macro size. Customized solutions for the integration of laser technology and alternative energy sources has been provided and are still in service. The team composed by qualified and dedicated engineers and technicians has more than 10 years experience in the area of particle feeding and focusing, being highly specialized in designing and realizing precise powder feeder device able to treat agglomerated scarcely feedable microparticles in the range between 1 to 30 µm. Multi-feeder device with in flight switchingfrom different powders has also been developed and realized and has recently been proposed in the market.

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