The Swatch Group is the World Leader of the watch industry with more than 20'000 staffs, 19 famous worldwide recognized watch brands and turn-over 2012 exceeding SFr. 8,1 billion.

 With 8000 employees SWA-ETA designs, develops and manufactures its products in sets of mechanical and electronics watch movements for SWATCH Group.

Closely with other company of the Swatch Group and with the benefit of a high vertical organisation of the Swatch Group, SWA-ETA is able to mastering totally the process from raw material to finished products.

The portfolio of fully integrated manufacturing technologies (turning, milling, cutting, cold drawing, polishing, washing, micro assembly, micro injection moulding, MIM, machining/ welding/Laser engraving by Laser, heat and surface treatment, LIGA and DRIE process, etc.) ensures mutli-access interfaces and opportunities with new emerging technologies. These technologies are supported and cross-fertilized by tooling and industrialization organisations as well as innovation structure transversal to all this companies.