Staff members in the Centre for Micro--Manufacturing in UOS have more than 20-years experience in material forming, tool design and machine design, as well as the project management. The members of the staff have generated a series of product, process, tool and machinery designs and analysis results respectively for oil-gas transport, material forming, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and machinery industries. As an internationally leading research group in materials forming and micro-manufacturing, the group has developed a series of forming processes (forming of bulk, sheet and tubular components at the macro, meso and micro length-scales), forming tools and machinery, as well as advanced modelling techniques, such as desktop machines for micro-manufacturing and micro-forming processes. The group co-ordinated EU FP6 Masmicro project (Overall co-ordinator) and FP7 Polytubes project (Technical Co-ordinator), and is being co-ordinating FP7 Micro-FAST project (Technical Co-ordinator).